Enhancing Communication Using Digital Solutions

We’re transforming the future of your spaces by fusing environmental design and interactive experiences. Smart NY is a full-services solution firm that can address all of your transformational needs from concept to implementation. We offer design and experience planning, fabrication and construction, project logistics and coordination, and, of course, training and ongoing content creation – a single point of support for your evolving public space communication needs.

Anyone can install a screen in your business to display a passive ad or video message, but without interaction, there is no insight. Smart NY Solutions brings interactive capabilities and applications to our clients for a cohesive multichannel experience.

We are a digital communications company that leverages data and technology to connect people and transform experiences, information delivery and self-service in public spaces and habitats.

Habitats are places where we not only work and live but where we learn, discover, gather, exercise and/or entertain. We are a full-service smart habitat solution for governments, organizations and commercial entities.

From strategy and implementation planning to robust tested technology solutions, to immersive organizational incubation and training methodologies we can be a single point of evolution for your employee, customer or constituent engagement and information delivery needs.

We transform spaces from an analog world to a digital world with indoor interactive panels, outdoor kiosks, interactive digital walls, queue management solutions, custom-tailored transformational programs, and more to increase your organizational presence in your city, interaction with your employees or better service to and engagement of constituents.

What makes us different? 

  • We are a woman-owned business (WBE) that brings technology innovations to real estate and improve communication for our clients.
  • We provide functional, affordable technologies to bring project vision to life.
  • We offer a broad array of solutions and services giving our customers a comprehensive full-service experience.
  • Our team is comprised of a unique blend of creatives, technology, and real estate professionals – everyone you will ever need to transform your environment.
  • The Smart NY technology platform was developed from the ground up allowing us to customize functionality and integration to suit customers’ unique needs.
  • We offer a holistic long-term planning and strategy approach with full short-term implementation capabilities.
  • With successful deployments in more than 14 vertical markets and industries, we understand you and your customers’ needs.
  • Speed to market applications and resource deployment.
  • Modular digital communications solutions that grow with your business, goals, and objectives.


Joan Brothers in Central Park - 2022 Profile pic
Joan Brothers

Joan brings more than 25 years of real estate, sales and management experience to Smart NY Solutions. Joan is also the founding partner of Manhattan Boutique Real Estate (MBRE). She has been helping clients navigate New York residential and commercial real estate for 20 years. Focused on the residential side, her expertise includes condominium sales, rentals, investment properties and management, corporate relocations and new developments. Her experience in commercial real estate includes brokering commercial office space, retail leasing, building sales, and real estate consultation. Development related activities include experiences of having raised capital both in equity and debt from institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank and private equity for real estate developments (ex. Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group for 2280 FDB New Development Condo, Harlem, NYC.) Joan has been an active consultant to Uptown Partners developers on Harlem’s well-known condominiums 5th on the Park and The Lenox. Interacting with a diverse client base, her personal Interest in real estate and global markets and cultures allows Joan to always keeps her eyes open for “outside the box” opportunities. Activities in 2019 involved introducing artists from China into NYC art Galleries (One Art Space) and the formation of Smart NY Solutions Inc., a joint-venture, women-owned business which seeks to bring technology innovations to real estate. She also received certificates from NYC SBS Construction Mentorship Program and the NYC HPD M/WBE Affordable Housing Developers Program and Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures (See certificate here https://bit.ly/3P0lRDS)

Timur Pic 2020
Timur Ruban

Timur has been on the leading edge of intelligent business computing for nearly two decades. With expertise in decision support systems, real-time content automation, and marketing intelligence, Timur brings a blend of hands-on innovation and executive leadership to Smart NY. He is responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies. Tim also analyzes how various technologies benefit the company or improve an existing business process and then integrates a system to realize that benefit or improvement. Prior to co-founding Smart NY Solutions, Tim founded Evogence in 1996 to lead a dramatic leap forward in the way people and intelligent environments connect, delivering optimal real-time information delivery, processing and experience augmentation in public spaces. He spearheaded the creation and evolution of EiOS (formerly AdaptiveSignage) – a unique environmental data collection, behavioral tracking and real-time content generation / delivery platform, incorporating best of practices and methodologies from manufacturing, environmental control and robotics industries into applications for enhancing and transforming the modern retail experience. Under his leadership, Evogence and its growing family of diverse channel partners have successfully deployed breakthrough innovative retail environments in over 14 different industries, including Automotive, Financial, Telecom and Wireless, Education, Convenience, Sports and Entertainment, Manufacturing and more.

Team members

Tom Jacob
Sales Associate

Tom brings over 3 decades of direct Business to Business Sales experience and Sales Operations excellence to the Team. Early in his career, as a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant for multiple Clear Channel Communications Radio Stations, Tom honed his B2B sales skills helping small and medium-sized businesses throughout New England. build effective Multi-media Advertising Campaigns. Later, as a Sales Operations leader for Fortune 500 Telecommunications companies Tom was a driving force behind building comprehensive sales training, standardizing sales processes and procedures nationwide and driving record revenues through Retail, Door to Door and Technical Sales Channels. As a Board member of Smart NY Solutions Inc. Tom leverages his business acumen to help companies of all sizes across multiple verticals, utilize the Evogence Platform to more effectively communicate with their customers, visitors, employees and others while streamlining operations, cutting expenses and increasing revenues.

V. Alex Tsyfanski
Project Manager

Dr. Tsyfanski provides Smart NY with consulting, project management, process and workflow design, customer guidance and technical documentation oversight – ultimately being involved in all of the R&D product evolution activities. Dr. Tsyfanski brings a unique fusion of engineering and software development expertise to Smart NY. He has spearheaded numerous business intelligence and process automation projects in areas of Publishing Automation, Retail Financial Operations and Manufacturing Process Control, just to name a few. Starting his initial tenure with EVOGENCE, as lead developer and project manager, Dr. Tsyfanski has became Vice President of Engineering in 2014 and has been instrumental in developing architecture for the company's [Ei]OS platform and its integration with Enterprise operation systems at Western Union, Charter, L3 Communication, CIVIQ and Nufern. Areas of process documentation, improvement and implementation included CRM, quality and process control tracking, employee performance, business intelligence reporting and customer loyalty. Dr. Tsyfanski current responsibilities include, but not limited to, subject matter consulting expertise, project management, process and workflow design, customer guidance and technical documentation review.


Bill Brothers Hi Res pic
Bill Brothers
Architecture Associate

Bill has extensive knowledge of the vast New York City market and real estate trends. Based on his expertise in real estate and his architecture background he is able to continually fulfil clients’ needs. Bill has been involved with architecture projects totalling over two million square feet in the New York market such as The Lenox, Fifth on the Park, and Loft 14. He has worked extensively throughout the United States, Russia, China and Europe. Bill holds a real estate broker license. He has worked on technically complex and aesthetically superb projects, drawing on his capability in planning and programming. For more than 30 years he has developed specific expertise in corporate office, research, manufacturing and storage facilities with clients ranging from corporations and hotel planners to institutional, healthcare, municipal agencies. Most recently, Bill was the Architect of Record for the complete renovation of the landmarked Lamb’s Club in Times Square, the 1905 building by renowned architect Stanford White. His firm oversaw construction of the 5-star luxury boutique hotel which is the jewel in the crown of a major international hotel company. Bill is a member of the Association of Builders and Owners, REBNY, AIA and on the Board of Directors at CIVITAS.

Our Story

The source of our passion is connecting communities.

Our A-Team of experts includes those in real estate, architecture, technology and marketing – critical thinkers necessary to understand and navigate the complexity and successful implementation of Smart City projects.

*Smart NY is a unique Smart Cities Solutions provider that fills the market need for technological solutions, strategic design and implementation of experience applications in the existing public space environment.

*We speak the key languages of environmental design, strategic planning, traffic patterns, sustainable habitats and public engagement.

*Our strategic consulting and experience design team will review your existing policies and strategic plans to help you to identify and refine tactical goals and milestones. We’ll work with you to create new visual representations and a marketing approach to applying new technologies, processes and experiences for your constituents, customers or employees.

Joan Brothers – President. Joan possesses decades of experience in real estate management and consulting. Her extensive expertise in urban development and a passion for urban life empowered her to envision the need to utilize “experiential technology’ to move communities and people’s lives forward.

As a New York City real estate professional, Joan leverages her experience with space and location in an urban setting to create “zones of engagement” where people in their urban surroundings can connect. She founded Smart NY to enhance community urban spaces through “experiential technology “ to connect end users to real time information in order to ease flow movement in the space.

Timur Ruban – Chief Innovation Officer. Timur spearheads the technology solutions team, drives product development and oversees strategic partnerships. Timur is a Holistic Technologist who continuously maintains and evolves his knowledge of existing and upcoming technology solutions, helping clients to select the best practical tools and ensure proper integration with your existing systems and data.