Queue Management

Queue Management: Get the most out of every customer visit

Manage perceived wait time and free your customers to explore products and services, while efficiently connecting to appropriate service agents.

[Ei]-powered queue solutions elevate customer experience beyond lines, crowds and the frustration of wait times. Enable your customers or patients to set appointments, enter pre-queue or reserve a spot at workshops from any place and any time. Integrate our reservation module within your existing website and mobile app, or brand one of our available template modules for simple yet effective and quick roll out.

Provide check-in options via on-site kiosks, customer service agents at registration desks or a greeter with a tablet. Distribute automated reminders, notifications and alerts via mobile apps, text messages or overhead screens. Automatically route customers to appropriate employees based on their reason for visiting or demographic criteria, perhaps even grouping customers looking for similar answers to be served at once. Or direct people to the best-placed specialist to help. Empower location managers to monitor live queues, escalate or re-assign customers, as well as review comprehensive analytics on customer wait times, employee productivity and customer interaction.

With no subscription or monthly fee requirements, [Ei] Queue™ offers both a functional and affordable solution for enhancing your customer experience.

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