Retail: Educate, entertain, and convert customers. Make your environment work for you

The [Ei] platform allows you to keep customers informed on products and brands with digital solutions that integrate seamlessly into your brick-and-mortar environment.

From store entryways and floors, to shelves and fixtures, convert your retail space into an informative and engaging digital playground. Transform your counter tops and dйcor into product endcaps and interactive kiosks, bringing them to life with a wealth of applications and sensors.

Retrieve data from environmental triggers and connect product display information with current inventory levels to drive sales and promotions. Empower store managers and employees with mobility tools such as tablets to assist customers or adjust marketing messages on-the-fly in response to local conditions or demographic shifts.

Create content for digital signage for display on walls, and broadcast a variety of media across stores in multiple regions, managed centrally, locally, or both: it’s your choice. Make the most of every square inch of your retail space with the power of the [Ei] platform behind you.

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Smart E-kiosk
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Self-Service Kiosk

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