Digital Wayfinding

Digital Wayfinding: Your virtual, interactive concierge

Allow visitors to orient themselves and direct them to products or areas of the store, either from kiosks or the convenience of their phones.

Customers can feel overwhelmed in your retail environment. Make it easier for them to locate anything in just a few taps. Our interactive applications not only help customers find what they’re looking for, they can also suggest companion products and where to find them in-store, creating innovative cross-selling opportunities. Go beyond the expected by combining the experience with our sensors that can track visitor loyalty and direct customers to personalized special offers.

In-store digital directories and signage over aisles allow you to more easily relocate products, as well as offer additional marketing touch points that are specific to the nearby products. Equip sales staff with apps to enable them to help customers locate items more efficiently, or be alerted when and where customers require assistance. Leverage the power of the Smart NY platform to make your customers’ experience more engaging and enjoyable in your retail environment.

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