Education: Re-imagine your school or campus as an intelligent, interactive hub

Make your inside and outside space an intelligent, digital hub for learning by gathering data on human behavior and broadcasting interactive content.

Envision [Ei] in classrooms, welcome centers, cafeterias, student centers, and the offices of faculty and staff. Use identity-recognition and motion sensors to manage parking. See more value for your budget and coordinate campus-wide operations by using sensor data and user app behavior to gain insights into faculty, staff, and student behavior.

Broadcast relevant content in hallways and common areas through video walls, and include dynamic, interactive content such as wayfinding and directories. Improve consistency and accuracy of prospective student tours with self-guided tour kits delivered through custom tablet content.

All of this and more is possible with the phenomenal power and versatility of the [Ei] platform.

Hand Sanitizer Kiosk
Cafeteria Digital Signage
Wayfinding and Digital Directories
Experience and Welcome Centers

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