Transportation: Evolving how products and people get to destination points

The [Ei] platform helps enhance the passenger’s transit experience for any type of transportation through IoT, Digital Signage, Wayfinding, Self Service Kiosk, and Queue Management displays installed in airports, bus shelters and railway stations guide passengers and commuters more efficiently.

(Needs adjustment Jojo)Showcase the best of your auto brand in dealership showrooms, repair and parts shops, waiting rooms, and at trade shows with the technology behind the [Ei] platform. Engage automobile customers and personalize shopping with interactive experience centers. Stand out at trade shows with digital wheel stands, featuring interactive apps that sell for you, track user behavior, and log valuable insights and leads.

Improve service ticket times and waiting room marketing with service menu boards, queue management, and centrally-managed digital signage. Put sales force mobility tools in the hands of your field and office employees and capture customer and employee behavior with sensors and tracking.

All of this and more is possible with the power of [Ei] at your fingertips.

Waiting Room Marketing
Service Menu Board
Interactive Experience Center
Queue and Appointment Management

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