Manufacturing/Industrial: Transform employee communication and efficiency through visual information management

Drive operational efficiency and communication in manufacturing facilities with the [Ei] platform.

Rethink operational efficiency on factory floors, common areas, loading docks, and on the manufacturing line with the power and versatility of the [Ei] platform. Provide managers and employees with mobility tools such as tablets for factory-wide communication. Offer access to digital employee education resources, including instructions and blueprints for the manufacturing line.

Track employees and adjust gated entry permissions with RFID readers. Manage custom digital signage, kiosk, and tablet content from one location and ensure managers and employees are up to speed on industry and company news. Collect Key Performance Indicators from machinery and personnel, then use our powerful, visual analytics tools to dive into the fabric of your production, enabling you to predict issues and avert them before they affect product quality.

The phenomenal power of the [Ei] platform unlocks the potential of your facility to operate at unparalleled levels of efficiency, keeping every employee in the loop.

Digital Wayfinding Directory
Floor Manager Mobility Tool
Factory Floor and Common Area Communication
Employee Recognition Wall

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