Clubs and Entertainment Venues

Clubs and Entertainment Venues: Create interactive and memorable experiences in every space

Excite and inspire your members, sell more merchandise, grow client loyalty, and unify your facilities operations with the [Ei] platform.

Grow profits from your facility by fusing real life with digital magic to enhance the experience for everyone. Employ our self-registration kiosks in hallways or near booths/counters to speed up queue lines. Provide interactive calendars, story walls, and score boards in main areas that deliver immersive information to clients/members. Generate brand excitement with digital photo booths featuring individuals, providing instant social sharing and treasured memorabilia, along with extra opportunities to connect with special guests. Or improve your gift shop marketing by broadcasting digital menus within concession stands and merchandise booths that are synced with up-to-the-minute inventory levels.

Combine all these services with our array of sensors and you can even track usage of each service to give you valuable insight into the way people interact with your facility. The unparalleled flexibility of the [Ei] platform enables you to continuously improve client/member engagement and deliver talked-about experiences.

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Golf Club Concept

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