Self-service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks: Empower customers to interact with your retail space

Our unique expertise offers a fusion between environmental design and digital engagement technology that will give your public space the wow factor it deserves.

Customers are no longer easily impressed by ATMs or glorified TV stands, they are looking for a unique experience that rewards the time taken to interact with your products, services and brand. A prefabricated metal enclosure won’t make your products stand out, but our skilled design team and partners can. We’ll transform your vision into unique forms that draw customers to your products and brand.

Embed the full power of the [Ei] platform inside your kiosks: flexible media Nodes, along with myriad sensors and controllers to interface with the Internet of Things, all designed in perfect harmony with your brand to capture your customers’ presence and engage with them. Our suite of [Ei] Apps™ will make this experience unforgettable, gamifying product selection, enhancing brand recognition, encouraging rewards and sweepstake participation, or simply performing usually mundane self-service payment or check-in procedures.

Reinvigorate customer visits while establishing a destination point of interest and excitement to return to in the future.

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