Healthcare: Bring engagement, education, and support to health facilities

Make healthcare facilities more engaging and attractive with solutions custom-made for industry success and compliance.

Enhance community engagement and operational efficiency across waiting rooms and patient rooms. Create welcoming, supportive spaces for community engagement by using kiosks and video walls that provide access to directories, wayfinding, wellness information, and pre-op screening stations.

Honor donors, employees, and community volunteers with interactive digital recognition boards in hallways and lobbies. Empower institution-wide communication and scheduling with nurse mobility tools, such as tablets to prioritize and attend to patient needs. Or extend your [Ei] platform into hospital cafeterias and gift shops with digital signage to provide patients and relatives focused information on things that matter to their stay.

Drive communication throughout your health facility with the incredible power of the

Broadcast relevant content in hallways and common areas through video walls, and include dynamic, interactive content such as wayfinding and directories. Improve consistency and accuracy of prospective student tours with self-guided tour kits delivered through custom tablet content.

All of this and more is possible with the phenomenal power and versatility of the [Ei] platform.

Waiting Lounge
Digital Wayfinding Directory
Hospital Hallway
Queue and Appointment Management

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